African Beach Holidays

You’re on one of our Luxury Romantic Safari Holidays in Africa, sitting with your partner on an empty beach watching the fiery colours of an achingly beautiful sunset, your bare feet in the shallow surf of a tropical sea.

Africa is a continent of many emotions, and one of them is the earthy, sensual pulse of romance. It’s a place in which to fall in love – for the first time or all over again.

Combine romantic beach hideaways and the raw thrills of a big game destination like the kenya’s masai mara.

It doesn’t stop there: Tanzania’s Serengeti provides the centrepiece to an unforgettable Deluxe Safari, encompassing the country’s classic safari highlights and a private tropical island to boot.

African beach holidays or vacations have been starting – or rekindling – the fires of romance for a long time now and we’ve identified select destinations that provide couples with the best luxury romantic safari holidays in Africa, distinguished by their exclusivity, privacy and the freedom to tailor-make your experience.

anzibar – The Spice Island is as exotic and intriguing as the its name suggests. The name conjures up images of romance and magic, lying in the Indian Ocean just 40Kms from the coast of East Africa. The different races that have settled in Zanzibar over centuries have left an imprint on the people and the architecture. “The House of Wonders” and the narrow streets of the Old Stone Town arte some of the vivid reminders of the islands long and coloured history. Zanzibar is the birth place of the fascinating Swahili culture with its elegant architecture whitewashed buildings, carved wooden doors and a charming excitement. Different excursions are arranged.

Fascinating history, exotic spices, sandy beaches and hospitable people is the enchantment of Zanzibar.

amu – A town, an Island and an archipelago, has an ambience of medieval romance that attracts those Who are offended by the burdens of our modern existence. It has in recent years found favor with the International glitterati. Life in the Island goes on like it did the 14th century when the settlement was founded. Lamu is a typical Swahili town with buildings which date back to the 18th Century, the narrow streets retain an aura of history and heritage. The Lamu museum is on the waterfront, occupying a house once occupied by Jack Haggard, Queen Victoria’s consul in this then important outpost.

The museum is a small gem housing a collection of Swahili artifacts, jewelry and crafts.

Kiwayu is one of the many unspoilt idyllic Islands of the Lamu archipelago it is a place to relax and restore your soul. Miles of deserted beaches with soft white sand, the sensual sound of waves lapping the shore of this beautiful bay slowly softens your senses and leads you back to nature’s old rhythm.

Kiwayu is by far the most beautiful place to stay, the white sand beach face the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean. There are several activities to keep you fully active: windsurfing, water-skiing, laser sailing, Snorkeling, line-fishing in the mangrove creek and exploring the nearby Dodoro Reserve.

Accommodation is at Kiwayu Safari Village – a top rated hideaway or at Munira Island camp.

Mombasa is an Island and an ancient town along the Kenyan coast. It is the second city in Kenya after Nairobi. The Island is linked to the mainland by causeways, bridges and ferries and to the rest of the world via Moi International airport. The town itself is a mystical mixture of ancient and modern with a cosmopolitan population blending Africa, Arabia, Asia and Europe. It is divided into three parts: Mombasa Isalnd, South Coast and North Coast. Mombasa is bestowed with an ending white sandy beaches that end in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

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